Marcela White on Socialist Tyranny

Marcela White (with husband Neil White) speaks on the topic of “Socialist Tyranny” at the January 5, 2016 monthly luncheon meeting of the Hot Springs Village TEA Party. Marcela, who was born and raised behind the “Iron Curtain” spoke to her attentive audience about the first 20 years of her life under socialist tyranny in […]

"Hot Springs Daily" Intends Adding HSV News and other HSV Content

“Hot Springs Daily” Intends Adding HSV News and other HSV Content

Local online news service, “Hot Springs Daily” (, has new owners and a new managing editor. A panel of HSD representatives, led by President Jerry Neal, addressed the attendees of the HSV TEA Party December 2nd luncheon program. The group enjoyed a lively Q&A and discussion opportunity about the current state of the service, and […]

Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot

See your own personalized SAMPLE BALLOT from the Secretary of State’s office? (You will need to enter your name and date of birth) Click the thumbnails of my personalized Sample Ballot options below to view them. To get your own personalized ballot options, follow the link above.