Marcela White on Socialist Tyranny

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Jan 052016

Marcela White (with husband Neil White) speaks on the topic of “Socialist Tyranny” at the January 5, 2016 monthly luncheon meeting of the Hot Springs Village TEA Party.

Marcela, who was born and raised behind the “Iron Curtain” spoke to her attentive audience about the first 20 years of her life under socialist tyranny in Romania, and frightening parallels now threatening liberty in America. She currently serves as Arkansas Coordinator/Chairperson for the Ted Cruz 2016 Presidential Campaign.

“Hot Springs Daily” Intends Adding HSV News and other HSV Content

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Dec 042014

Local online news service, “Hot Springs Daily” (, has new owners and a new managing editor. A panel of HSD representatives, led by President Jerry Neal, addressed the attendees of the HSV TEA Party December 2nd luncheon program. The group enjoyed a lively Q&A and discussion opportunity about the current state of the service, and plans for changes and improvements, including plans for a Hot Springs Village component.

“Choose Wisely”

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Aug 202014


May 052014

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Apr 302014


225 YEARS AGO TODAY (April 30, 1789) George Washington was inaugurated first President of the United States. The ceremony took place, not in Washington DC as one might suppose, but on the balcony of Federal Hall at 26 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, which was the first US Capitol and first site where the 1st U.S. Congress met.  The statue at that location which commemorates the occasion shows Washington’s right hand outstretched palm down for the oath of office … an invisible Bible beneath his hand. Following the inauguration ceremony, President Washington made his Inaugural Address in Federal Hall, following which the President, Vice President, Senate, and House of Representatives all proceeded to 209 Broadway and entered St. Paul’s Chapel (located directly across the street from “Ground Zero” where the twin-towers fell) for “divine service” … the attendance of all those Federal government officials on that solemn occasion having been specifically directed by official act of both the House and Senate (April 27-29, 1789).