Nov 012016

Sharia Law for Non Muslims

by Dick Leach

(presentation to Hot Springs Village TEA Party November 1, 2016)

As a professor of philosophy and religion at Lakeland College in Wisconsin, I taught a course in comparative religions from the seventies through the nineties.  That doesn’t make me an expert on Islam because I did no original research, nor did I publish articles in learned journals.  It did give me access to what most scholars were saying on the subject at that time.  This led me to be respectful and tolerant of all religions including Islam.  It was a monotheistic religion with a worldwide appeal, claimed Abraham and many other biblical figures as their prophets.  I invited Islamic scholars from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to be guest lecturer so my students could hear about their faith from Muslims themselves.

But none of that prepared me for 9/11/2001.  To be sure I had lectured on Muhammad, Mecca and Medina, the five pillars, the mosques, Jihad, that Islam meant submission to Sharia and even the Muslim division of the world into two domains,  the Dar-al-Islam the realm of peace, and Dar-al-harb, the realm of war.  But I gathered from textbooks and other sources that Islam was a religion, that its tenets were for Muslims, and that Jihad was primarily the Muslim’s inner struggle against wrong belief called the Greater Jihad.

Thorough examination of Sharia after 9/11 showed me that the first two statements were half true.  Yes, Islam is a religion.  It is also an Allah-ordained, governmental system encompassing every aspect of society: political, economic, judicial, cultural.   No other religion requires a land-owning theocratic state for its existence.  The half-truth was not the whole truth.  The half-truth concealed the whole truth.

As to the second statement, yes, its tenets were for Muslims, but they were also for the kafir, the non-believer, (the one who conceals the truth about Islam) who must be either converted, eliminated or subjugated.   That means Allah’s divine design for society must replace all man-made systems of government.  Global conquest is not a suggestion, but an obligation.  Sharia is totalitarian and supremacist. The second statement that its tenets were for Muslims was not the whole truth.  The half-truth concealed the whole truth.

The final statement about the Greater Jihad is a modern misrepresentation.   Muhammad never said Jihad was primarily an inner war, a personal, spiritual battle.  The Quran and hadith use that term only as war against non-Muslims, against the unbeliever.  It is either by violence or by stealth.

All of this does not mean that every Muslim always knows and practices all of Sharia.  I had Muslim students from Pakistan and Turkey who didn’t do prayers on their prayer rugs five times a day. Nor were they interested in Jihad.  We had a refugee family from Bosnia in the late nineties come and live with us for three weeks.  They had fled Bosnia for Germany during the Serb and Croatian bombings and ended up in an enclave of Bosnians in Chicago.  Wanted to get out and experience American freedom.  Our church sponsored them, got him work, a car, a place to stay and the boy into school, in Mayville.  When they worshipped with us they disobeyed Sharia.

It is likely there are Muslim here today like those we knew in Wisconsin.   Nor can it be said that every Muslim country practices all of Sharia.  Egypt and Turkey  are struggling with how much to require.  Pure Sharia law exists only in its Sunni form in Saudi Arabia, and in its Shiite form in Iran.  But pure Sharia is what is sought by true believers, and what is taught, officially, in mosques everywhere.  So how do we explain such contradictions within Islam?  More importantly how do we get half-truths and misrepresentation in Islam?

The answer is that Sharia is dualistic. (Warner, Ch. 7; CSPI Center for the Study of Political Islam)   It holds two sets of laws—one for Muslims and one for Kafirs.  It also sets forth two ways to approach Kafirs.   On the one hand the Quran directs believers to “Listen to what the Kafirs say with patience, and leave them with dignity.” Koran 73:10.   On the other hand it says “Give strength to the believers.  I will send terror into the Kafirs’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers”  Koran 8:12

The Koran is so filled with contradictions that it provides a method to resolve the problem, called abrogation.   A later verse is stronger than an earlier one.  Both are true, but the first is weaker and to be replaced by the later, stronger verse.  The stronger supersedes the weaker.  Either is correct, but the later one is better.  The earlier verses from Mecca are quoted by promoters of Islam where they are in a minority.  The later ones from Medina where Muhammad gained control and waged war against kafirs are better, and to be used when Muslims gain control.  Sharia is situational.

So an oath by a Muslim is flexible.  “Abu Bakr faithfully kept his oaths until Allah revealed to Mohammed the atonement for breaking them.  Afterwards he said, ‘If I make a pledge and later discover a more worthy pledge, then I will take the better action and make amends for my earlier promise.’” (Sahih Bukhari 8,78,618)

Something that is not true is not always a lie.  “Mohammed said, ‘A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie.’” (Sahih Bukhari 3,49,857).

Mohammed repeatedly told Muslims to deceive Kafirs, when it would advance Islam.  He said “Jihad is deceit.” (Sahih Bukhari 4,52,268.)  Islam has a word for lies which advance its goals.  Taqiyya. Sacred deception.  There are two conditions for its practice.  A Muslim must never lie to another Muslim.  And a lie should never be told unless there is no other way to accomplish the task.  “Lies are sins except when they are told for the welfare of a muslim or for saving him from a disaster.”  (Al Tabarani in Al Awsat, from Bat Ye’or, The Dhimmi, p. 30 Warner)

There is no Golden Rule for Kafirs.  They may be murdered, tortured, enslaved, raped, robbed, deceived, mocked and ridiculed.  But “A Muslim is a brother to other Muslims.  He should never oppress them nor should he facilitate their oppression.  Allah will satisfy the needs of those who satisfy the needs of their brothers.” (Bukhari 9,85,;83)

Legal dualism also explains stealth jihad.  It is not the shock and awe of violent jihad  as in ISIS and Al Queda.   There is no immediate terrorism to intimidate and humiliate.  It’s silent or soft jihad, or as the Muslim Brotherhood describes it, civilization jihad.  It is imposed gradually and incrementally, after projecting a peaceful, moderate image to the public.  How do we know?

A Muslim Brotherhood document called “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the group in North America” was uncovered by the FBI in a 2004 raid on a terrorist safe house in Annandale, Virginia.  The document became key evidence in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial conducted by the Dept. of Justice in 2008.  The document outlined the Master Plan for the establishment of a global Islamic state in the U.S. “eliminating and destroying western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”  (To Conquer America, p. 2.)

The document includes a 5 phase plan to take control of the U.S. and establish a global caliphate, governed by Sharia.  It starts with organization.

“We are in a country which understands no language other than the language of the organizations, and one which does not respect or give weight to any group without effective, functional and strong organizations”  (Staver, green half sheet)

The best known organization created by the Muslim Brotherhood here is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), established in 1994, headquartered in Washington D. C.  (Sekulow, Sharia in America, p. 8-11). It masquerades as a civil rights/ charity organization with its spokespersons appearing on TV news programs looking non-threatening and well-spoken. (Conquer, p. 3)  CAIR sent my wife a nice copy of The Quran with a book mark of pleasant and respectful references from The Quran (only the weak sections).

The Brotherhood has also set up a vast network of educational, legal, social service and lobbying organizations aimed at advancing “Civilization Jihad.”

Another big part of their Master Plan is to co-opt America’s leadership by infiltrating all levels of society, including government agencies, higher education, schools and institutions, religious organizations to gain legitimacy.  Congressional hearings have revealed many of Pres. Obama’s top officials in Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security are tied to the Brotherhood.

Infiltrate and dominate the U.S. Middle East studies programs.

Then there’s the escalation phase:  expand Muslim presence by birth rate, by massive immigration and by refusal to assimilate; occupy and expand domination of physical spaces; ensure the Muslim Community knows and follows Muslim Brotherhood doctrine; control the language America uses in describing Islam and terrorism (never using the word “Islam” in connection with terrorism).

Phase four is open public confrontation  with the government  to force compliance with Sharia at local levels; fight, resist, undermine all counterterrorism efforts;  subvert religious organizations; conduct lawfare by lawsuits and threats of lawsuits; claim victimization/demand accommodations; condemn as slander (and Islamophobia) all criticism of Islam;  demand the right to practice Sharia in segregated Muslim enclaves;  demand recognition of Sharia in non-Muslim spheres; confront and denounce Western society, laws and traditions;

Finally when critical mass is achieved, demand that Sharia replace U.S. law.  (Conquer, p. 5,6)

So in order to practice their religion, Muslim leaders demand Sharia compliance from us: set aside rooms for prayer in school and workplaces; special food (halal) be provided there; days off for Muslim holidays; head scarves at work and full body burkas for women in sports; no criticism of any aspect of Islam such as polygamy, jihad, honor killing, or wife-beating; welfare support for multiple wives; special treatment for Muslim women in hospitals; Sharia banking for the payment of the zakat, etc, etc, etc, (Warner, p. 41, 39)

What are we to do?

  1. Vote for Donald Trump. He will put the brakes on Muslim immigration. Hillary would accelerate it.
  1. Seven states have banned foreign laws. Sixteen other states are considering such legislation.  In 2015 legislation to declare American Laws for American Courts, to protect the rights and privileges granted under the U.S. Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution, was passed by the General Assembly in the state of Arkansas.  It was held up in the Judiciary Committee in the State Senate and died there.  It will be introduced again next year.  We can write our state legislators to support it.
  1. Finally we can pray that God would raise up leaders on local, country, state, and federal levels who will a) practice their oaths of office to uphold the constitutional republic they serve; b) oppose all efforts to ignore or destroy our founding principles as enshrined in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  1. We can share our faith with Muslim neighbors. They may be as fearful of us as we are of their terrorists.  We can turn that around.  The power of love is greater than the power of fear.  They are taught about Isa in the Koran.  They don’t know that he died for them, and rose from the grave for them.  We can tell them the rest of the story.


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