Jul 222016


Finally what you’ve been waiting for! A face-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!! No, it’s NOT SNL (Saturday Night Live). It IS TLL (Tuesday Lunch Live). Join us for this important and historical event on August 2nd from 11:30-1:00 at Charlie’s Pizza Pub located near the main entrance to Hot Springs Village. The face-off will be moderated by the HSVTP Foxy News Team … not to be confused with our rival network PMSNBC News. The moderation team will pose questions to both candidates on a number of the important issues of our day. Attendees are invited to come with questions of their own as well, as we do anticipate having opportunity for a few questions from the audience.

Just by showing up, before the fireworks even begin, you can learn the answers to these two burning questions:


orange pantsuitWill she wear orange?

trump orangeWill he wear orange?

The Hot Springs Village TEA Party invites you to come and participate. In the meantime you are invited to see how this 12 year old graduating 8th grader effectively brings presidential candidates to his middle school graduation ceremony.

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Hosted at the Orange County Convention Center, discover how to counter the policies of the left and get the training you need to help reform America.

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Jul 212016


At the July Luncheon Program of  the Hot Springs Village TEA Party, HSV resident and community activist Mark Alspaugh addressed the possibility of pursuing adoption of a Property Owner’s Bill of Rights for Hot Springs Village referencing a model Homeowner’s Bill of Rights from AARP’s Public Policy Division.

Following Mark’s presentation, Gene Garner Provided an explanation of and an update on the “two-tier” lawsuit against the HSVPOA that he is a plaintiff in. A decision from a local Circuit Court judge was appealed, but since then has been taken up by the Arkansas Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruling is still pending.

Venue for this July 5, 2016 Hot Springs Village TEA Party monthly luncheon program is Charlie’s Pizza Pub, located near the entrance of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Jun 202016

11:30-1:00 Tuesday, July 5th
at Charlie’s Pizza Pub
127 McNeely Circle
Hot Springs Village, AR


The July 5th HSVTP Luncheon Program


1) Property Owner’s Bill of Rights for HSVPOA?

HSV resident Mark Alspaugh will present AARP’s model BILL of RIGHTS for HOMEOWNERS in ASSOCIATIONS and discuss it’s possible application to Hot Springs Village.

Information on this topic from AARP’s Public Policy Institute is available here.

2) Two-Tiered Lawsuit Update by Gene Garner with Q&A

Hot Springs Village resident Gene Garner (co-plaintiff with Lynda Narug in the “two-tier” lawsuit awaiting a ruling on appeal from the Arkansas Supreme Court) will provide background and an overview of the case, including predictable wider repercussions of the Supreme Court decision to other communities. In addition he will provide a rare opportunity to answer audience questions following his presentation at this HSVTP luncheon program.

Interested citizens can review court filings and related documents here.

Special Election Forum – HSVTP at Charlie’s Pizza Pub

Garland County Judge Rick Davis spoke FOR the June 28, 2016 Garland County Special Election sales tax and bond issue ballot measure. Garland County Tax Alliance representative George Pritchett spoke AGAINST. Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer Lorie Tudor made a presentation on behalf of the Highway Department (AHTD). Hot […]

HSV Town Hall - U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

HSV Town Hall – U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton appeared before a receptive audience at a Town Hall Meeting at the Coronado Community Center in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas on April 1, 2016. Senator Cotton spoke at some length about the “threat of Islamic terrorism” and the threat of the “Islamic State”, before addressing a number of other subjects. The […]

Elvis Presley, Bishop Smith, & Willie Nelson at HSVTP

Rapper R.E. Smith Sr. throws one down for the HSV TEA Party. HSV tribute performer Jerry Standridge gives Bishop Robert E. Smith, Sr. a Willie Nelson send-off from the Hot Springs Village TEA Party on March 1, 2016 … Primary Voting Day. Venue is Charlie’s Pizza Pub on Hwy 7 North outside the entrance to […]

Marcela White on Socialist Tyranny

Marcela White (with husband Neil White) speaks on the topic of “Socialist Tyranny” at the January 5, 2016 monthly luncheon meeting of the Hot Springs Village TEA Party. Marcela, who was born and raised behind the “Iron Curtain” spoke to her attentive audience about the first 20 years of her life under socialist tyranny in […]